The Sonnet Man

Date: February 24th, 2015
Client: The Sonnet Man
Type: Website Design - Fully Responsive

Project Brief: This was a fully responsive website developed for The Sonnet Man.

The Sonnet Man as you all maybe wondering is an identity for a sonnet writer who likes to stay anonymous. The term "Sonnet" derives from the Italian word "Sonetto", meaning "little song". When writing a sonnet, the writer typically takes a specific structure of 14 lines, with 10 syllables a line, following a strict rhyming scheme.

The Sonnet Man already holds two existing websites showcasing his Sonnets, however he came to us to develop his third. Focusing on keeping the site very clean and minimal to keep attention to the Sonnets themselves, The Sonnet Man was delighted with what we had achieved, and has already started to spread the word about our excellent level of service.

Spec List: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Animation Slider, Contact Form,

Client Quote: "Extremely good service, fast turnaround and a very professional level of work quality"

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