3rd May 2020

New Project Confirmed – Sonnet Virus


This week we had an email from a long-standing client, known in the circles as ‘The Sonnet Man’ who is well known for his short sonnet poems. We have done six websites over the years each featuring over 100 sonnets on different subjects.

Due to the recent events following the Covid-19 virus, this new website will feature sonnets all relating to this subject, and appropriately called ‘Sonnet Virus’.

Development on the site is scheduled to start next month.

9th May 2020

New Project Confirmed – Custom Laser Systems

Custom Laser Systems

Custom Laser Systems is an existing client of ours who manufactures and sells Laser systems to both private and commercial. Over a year ago we built the company a simple website to advertise their products to the open market, however the success of this has now resulted in a much needed expansion.

As a result own Simon contacted our team this week giving the go ahead to re-build the website into a much larger online presence. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Simon on the last site and looking forward to starting this project and working with them again.

17th May 2020

New Website & Branding – IP Electrical Engineers Ltd

IP Electrical Engineers

This week we were contacted by Mark, the new owner of IP Electrical Engineers Ltd, who are a new dedicated LV and HV electrical engineering company, running in partnership with another client of ours JGeraghty Ltd.

Over the upcoming weeks we will be working with the team at IP building their brand, website and online presence with the help of our ongoing social media management.

24th May 2020

Covid-19 Update


Since the first announcement of the Covid-19 lockdown procedures our team at Gillgraphics have been working remotely from our home residences working hard to continue offering our usual services and support the best we can

As the lockdown rules are starting to change, and businesses returning to work, to still preserve the health of our staff and the general public, we have decided to continue working remotely until further notice, estimated until the end of June.

28th May 2020

Website Re-Design Live – My Fleet Manager Online

My Fleet Manager

Over the last few days our team have been re-designing the website for My Fleet Manager Online, promoting a mobile and desktop application to help the management of fleet vehicles.

Built by leading Fleet Management software ODO, the website was designed to match the current marketing and branding colour schemes that ODO uses.