3rd October 2018

New Project Confirmed – A.N.Recruitment

AN Recruitment

This week we were provided a new project from current client Fesar at Harris Legal, to work on a whole new branding image for his new company A.N.Recruitment.

With a brand new logo and holding website already live, we will be working with Fesar over the upcoming months to develop the company brand and website further.

9th October 2018

New Client Site Live – Rolystone Hose Sanctuary

Rolystone Horses

We always like to give back as much as we can, so when we were approached by local charity Rolystones Horse Sanctuary to help with their website we just had to say yes. Our team will be working with Rolystones to create a brand new site and marketing material completely free of charge. We have already completed a new photography shoot to which the imagery can be seen on our portfolio page.

10th October 2018

New GillGraphics & SocialFish Door Mat


Exciting day in the office today as our new office doormat has arrived!

Many thanks to Cozymats for this, such an amzing service start to finish. If anyone would like a custom doormat for your business, contact our team today and we will put you in touch with this amazing company.

19th October 2018

House Photoshoot for Relo8 Properties

Todmorden Estate Agent

Our photographer Michael has been out and about yet again this week, this time taking shots of a new house listing for local Estate Agents Relo8 Properties.

Ongoing photography is an area we would love to do more of in 2019 so this was a great introduction into this line of work.

28th October 2018

New Project Website Live – Premier Loft Ladders

Premier Loft Ladders

Another week and another new project to enter the studio, this time for Premier Loft Ladders, a new UK company selling…. well you guessed it, Loft Ladders!

They needed this project fast so our team worked night and day completing a whole new logo and website in just 24hrs!