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On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is largely concerned with making your website visible to the widest possible audience of web users. This is achieved by 'optimising' the site to help it appear higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for appropriate keywords.

Most people are familiar with using Google, but a well-optimised website will translate into higher rankings on any of the major search engines - Bing, Yahoo and Ask being other popular examples.

With Gill Graphics you can rest assured that your website is created with effective SEO as a priority. We employ 'On-Page' techniques, including carefully chosen title tags, description tags, keywords, H text tags and robot meta tags to create pages that truly reflect your business and are trusted and valued by web users.

SEO On-Page Optimisation
On Page SEO

SEO Off-Page Optimisation
Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Where On-Page SEO focuses on tailoring the technical aspects of a website to result in higher search rankings, Off-Page SEO is more concerned with 'natural' or 'organic' ways a website can be discovered by users and shared with a wider audience on the basis of interesting and useful content.

Blogs, competitions, advertising campaigns and social media can all contribute to websites generating higher traffic and receiving links from other sites that help to build 'authority'. Not only does this help raise the profile of your website with users but also increases its trustworthiness in the 'eyes' of search engines, resulting in higher search rankings.

Ask how Gill Graphics, using Off-Page SEO, Google Adwords and Google Remarketing can help boost your website's performance in the search rankings and, through the use of cookies, appear more often on visitors' searches.

What is Analytics?

Web Analytics are used to measure, analyse and report internet data captured by your website. Using this data you can gather useful information about your site traffic levels, location of your users, pages they visited and the length of time spent on each page, thus helping you to identify the strengths and weaknesses within your website and ways to improve it.

Google Analytics

This is a free service, developed by Google, which monitors your website traffic information using trackers that are added into your website HTML code. From this, website owners can access information about the number of visitors to your site, the length of time users spend viewing your website, favourite pages accessed, device and browser types used and much more.

Google Webmasters

Google Webmasters is another free website analysis service that allows the owner or developer of a website to analyse their site's performance. Google Webmasters differs slightly from Google Analytics as it focuses more on the quality of the website and how it has been developed. Using Webmasters, users can analyse their website's performance and use it to help modify areas such as crawling information, search results, links information, site configuration and diagnostic problems.

Site maps

Site Maps show the link connections between the individual pages on your website. There are two different types of site maps: XML and HTML. HTML site maps are found within a website, located on a separate page for users to access and use to find pages they wish to view. XML site maps, however, are created and uploaded onto the web server along with the website HTML code files. The purpose of XML site maps is to help Google 'Bots' identify all your site's pages and index them correctly for search engine use.

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