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Priced by the hour and designed to get the best results for you, we can help with the SEO foundations of your website, as well as provide ongoing support to ensure that you are consistently ranking at the top of the page.

Take advantage of our free SEO consultation and let us work with you to create a top-ranking campaign.


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A few questions explained regarding our SEO Optimisation services.
For all enquiries please contact our team, we are here to help in any way we can

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of positively affecting the visibility of a website or web page within search engines to maximise exposure… simple terms
it will rank you higher on Google searches.
We will arrange a convenient time and place to meet you to discuss your business, SEO goals, target markets and ultimately who you want to see your website.
From this we will then talk about the various SEO options and techniques which would help your business.

From here we would then provide you a quotation for you to walk away and consider in your own time… We hate and don’t believe in pressure sales.

This varies on how big your website is, who it needs to reach and the number of SEO techniques you wish to use.
Our SEO campaigns are priced by the hour. We ask you to set the number of development hours you would like us to work
…..another words you set the budget.
SEO is an ongoing project as there will always be other companies trying to out-rank you on search engines, so in order to stay up the rankings SEO
updates and campaigns should never stop on your site. You can however develop good SEO foundations on your site by adjusting areas such as the
Title tags, Descriptions and checking the site has been built as SEO friendly as possible.

Please note that it can take from 1 week to a few months for search engines such as Google to spot the SEO changes and re-adjust your rankings.

YES! Here at GillGraphics we offer a free SEO consultation to all prospective clients as an introduction to the
way we work and help companies grow. This free meeting will not only allow you to fully understand the
range of services we can offer, but will give you a great opportunity to get your current company
website and SEO status analysed, and have a tailor-made SEO campaign plan built for you and your company needs.

Different clients in different industries will require a different SEO approach, and that’s why you’ll
never see two campaigns the same. In relation to this our in-depth analysis will not only study your
current website and SEO status but also your rival companies. By monitoring what you and your
competition are doing and learning from their mistakes, we can capitalise on their weakness and build
your strengths to help create a campaign plan that will put your company ahead.

If you like what you hear in our SEO consultations you have the option to progress with us to develop your SEO campaign
or simply take our great SEO advise and have a go yourself.

Not exactly. Whilst there’s no exact science to SEO, we firmly believe in a quality over quantity approach when it comes
to link building. You’ll never see us making promises about how many links we’ll get you per month for the simple fact
that it’s not really a numbers game. We will always prioritise obtaining two or three well researched,
top quality links from websites with a lot of authority over 40 links a month from paid directories and other low quality, spam-ridden domains.
Definitely! Bad links to your site such as from Link Farms, Unregisterd Directories can not only
hurt your listings position but can even get you booted off Google completely.
These basically represent the right and wrong techniques and methods used to build your SEO.
White Hat SEO is the correct form of SEO and represents the correct methods which you should
take in order to get the best results. Naturally all the information and techniques we have
explained throughout this website has been White Hat techniques.

Black Hat SEO is the wrong (cheating) way to build your SEO. Today search engines such as
Google can detect Black-Hat SEO and on many occasions will get your website banned and deleted
from search listings completely. Techniques used in Black Hat SEO may consist of Invisible Text,
Cloaking, Keyword Stuffing, Doorway Pages and Spam.

Yes. Search engines today are very sophisticated systems and during their time scanning through your HTML code for key
SEO parts such as the keywords and title tags etc, they are also analysing the design and quality of your site code.

Search engines such as Google in simple terms sees a well developed modern website as being run by a more important
established company and therefore will give you bonus points over a less developed competitor site.

Key areas that they will scan your website for is the quality of the site code, speed of your site,
responsiveness of your site for all devices and quality of site content.

Absolutely yes! Whilst we like to think of ourselves as experts in the field, client involvement can really
help turn a good SEO campaign into a great one. If you’ve got any ideas then we’re all ears, and welcome any
input you may have! Plus the more input you do the more you will learn and the less your bill will be….so a win win situation for you.
Please contact us at any time. We are always happy to answer any questions.