4th Dec 2014


Branding. Every company has it and definitely needs it. This is your opportunity to attract customers to your product, to become known and use that to drive your business forward.

Having a strong brand image is what gets your product noticed above your competitors. Perceptions can be stronger than the product itself nowadays. If you show that you’re confident in your product and have strong branding to back that up then that is a fantastic start.

A lot of people don’t think logos are too important but they couldn’t be more wrong. Your logo will be everywhere and on everything that you provide from the product itself right down to your business cards. Having a unique, stand-out design is what captures people’s eye. It doesn’t necessarily have to directly link to what you’re actually selling, the main goal is that it is visually pleasing and memorable.

The use of colours can be extremely significant when designing your logo as each colour can influence a person’s mood and perception towards what they are viewing. A great example would be the two main social networking websites – Facebook and Twitter. Have you noticed that they both have a very obvious blue colour theme? This is not just coincidence. Blue can be perceived as the colour of the mind and intellect making it the colour of communication which is what social media is all about. The colour blue can also portray reliability, trust and dependability. When teamed with a white background, which gives the perception of simplicity and efficiency it can have a subtle yet powerful effect on the viewer.

The huge companies that we all now know as household names spend a fortune year after year to advertise and promote their brand but they weren’t always as big as they are now. Every business has to start somewhere. Take The Coca Cola Company for example, it simply started in 1886 as pharmacist John Styth Pemberton who was trying to find a cure for morphine addiction. The drink started to become very popular and soon many other companies were copying it. But how did Coca Cola manage to remain the “best”? Branding. They introduced the unique glass Coca Cola bottles which are still in use worldwide today. Alongside being the first company to sponsor the Olympic Games in Amsterdam, a tradition that they keep to this day!

Obviously small businesses don’t have the budget or man power that big companies have but they are not necessarily needed! Being creative and knowing your customers is ultimately what will put you above the rest. It’s about being smart and thinking outside of the box. How can you reach potential customers in a way that your competitors currently aren’t? When you can confidently answer that question and make it happen then you’re definitely onto a winner!

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