20th March 2015


Virtual tours are still a new concept in many industries but can be extremely beneficial to almost every business. They give the opportunity for customers to get more interactive with your company and more importantly, your services. Read on to find out how a virtual tour can showcase your workplace.

The idea of virtual reality is considered to have begun in the 1950’s but early elements of it can be traced back to the 1860’s. With technology moving at an alarmingly fast rate it seems strange to think that virtual reality has been around for such a number of years. The possibilities are endless nowadays as to what can be achieved via virtual reality.

Virtual tours are a simulation of an existing location using still images to give the user the illusion of being at the location physically. With the ability to include music, sound effects, images and text it can make the whole experience interactive and fun for the viewer.

The process of a virtual tour is simple yet effective. An individual will take a series of photographs from the desired location. The images will then be imported into stitching software where the images can be aligned and stitched together to form a 360 degree panoramic image where the user can pan across, up and down to look all over as they could if they were stood there themselves.

The next step is to include hotspots. A hotspot is an area on the image which makes it interactive. This can be in the form of music, video, sound effects, images or text to enhance the viewer’s experience. It can include information about the location or the business. Music or video can be played to showcase any promotional material or simply just to set the mood. You can even link a hotspot to your Facebook or Twitter feed where viewers can see live updates from your social media accounts. The possibilities really are endless and can be as creative as you desire.

A virtual tour can be extremely beneficial to a customer as it gives a clearer depiction of what to expect when visiting. It will make your business feel much more approachable and personable as the customer will have already virtually visited and will therefore know what to expect. Virtual tours are particularly beneficial to any customer facing business such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, theme parks, aquariums, zoos, family attractions, wedding venues, parks and so much more.

Here at GillGraphics we offer a free consultation and quotation process. We will visit the potential tour location to assess the best places to shoot from, what information/hotspots can be included and to clear up any questions you may have. If you are interested in a free quotation please contact us.