30th Jan 2015


As technology continues to move forward at a staggering rate businesses of all sizes are forced to keep up and create a memorable and user friendly image for potential customers. In this case study we will be looking at how to make sure that your office/workplace reflects the image you are portraying online.

Having a professional workplace that flows with your brand is just as important as having an attractive and practical website. Your website tells potential clients what you are capable of whereas your workplace shows it. Showing your brand throughout your office shows consistency and reliability.

You have a HUGE advantage of having a workplace that clients can visit’… YOU!

They can meet the faces behind the website making your business a lot more friendly and approachable to work with. Clients have the opportunity to build a relationship and trust. If they get to know you and like what you do then they will come back to you again and again because they know that you are reliable. They will also be more likely to recommend you to other people requiring your services.

How your workplace looks and is presented plays a very big part in your overall image. A client doesn’t want to walk into your office and see it looking unorganised with papers and documents all over the place. They want to walk in and know that they are in the right place to get the job done. You can show them this by keeping the office clean and having a structured filing system for documents. Having an area specifically designed for clients to sit down comfortably and discuss their needs is advantageous.

The decoration and design of your workplace is important. The area should be used to its full potential. Decide on a layout that uses the light best and will make the space open and inviting. Keep the décor light and fairly basic. Humans are visual creatures, if there are too many distractions for your client to look at they won’t be able to focus properly on what they visited for which could then lose custom.

One area which is very important to your business as well as your clients is that they have confidentiality. It is absolutely crucial that all classified and confidential documents are neatly stored out of sight of any other clients or visitors.

Under the Data Protection Act it is stated that everybody using data must follow strict data principles. They must make sure that all information is used fairly and lawfully, kept secure, accurate and kept for no longer than absolutely necessary. These are just a few of the rules, to find out more you can visit www.gov.uk/data-protection/the-data-protection-act to know exactly what is expected of you concerning the handling of data.

Over the Christmas period we shut our office to allow for us to give it a total overhaul. We have redecorated and totally refurnished the space as we wanted it to reflect the business and the website. There are still a few finishing touches to put in place but we’re extremely pleased with the outcome so far! Take a look at the photos below to see the all new GillGraphics space’…