27th May 2015


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Photoshop is the most popular software of its kind allowing users to digitally retouch and edit photos and images. In today’s media we constantly see how Photoshop is used in magazines, newspapers, on television and all over the internet.

Here at GillGraphics we have compiled a free guide on the Top 10 Photoshop Tools for Beginners. This guide will allow you to understand how Photoshop works, how easy it is to learn and what it is capable of!

It is the go-to software for all graphic designers and this free guide will show you why. With the knowledge of how to use it and a bit of practice you will find yourself well on your way to editing images to a professional standard.

We explain about the different tools and how they can be used to their maximum potential. We have even included examples throughout the guide to give you the best understanding possible of how this software works. The possibilities using Photoshop are endless and it is something that we use daily as a Multimedia and Design company.

Knowing which tool or effects are best to use for a particular image and look you want to portray can be tricky but our guide breaks down what each tool is for and it’s exact uses.

We really hope you enjoy this guide and learn something new along the way! Any enquiries are always welcomed by the GillGraphics team if you have any questions.

You can download the full guide using the link below. Happy reading!

Download Full PDF Guide