23rd April 2015


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Over the last few weeks the GillGraphics team have all taken part in creating a Social Media Handbook for our existing clients as well as local businesses.

The handbook is designed to clear up any confusion or misconceptions built around social media and how to use it.

We started off by explaining exactly what social media is and why it is important to give your business an online presence. We also explain ways where some companies use social media for the wrong reasons such as constantly broadcasting their services and making followers feel spammed by the constant hard selling.

An extremely important factor of social media is knowing the different platforms and what their unique purpose is for. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are all very popular social media platforms but all have different uses and benefits. We explain these in great detail allowing you to make an informed choice as to which platforms are best for your business, your goals and your intended market.

Making a social media strategy is what will set you ahead from your competition. All businesses need a business plan or they will struggle to see how their company is changing, growing and meeting their expectations. The same applies to your social media campaign. You need to be able to create a goal that you want to achieve and with the help of our handbook we will help you reach that goal and many more that you set.

We will help you to identify your target market and how to streamline your social media content to engage the right people for you. Using tools you already have to hand such as existing customers we can show you how to define the perfect market for your business. Once you know this, you will be able to market and advertise your brand to the exact people you want to work with.

Simply writing a list of your services and what benefits they provide can make your place in the industry much clearer. Think about people who have a need which your company can fulfil, what makes your company unique and how you can apply that to grow your customer base.

Knowing what to post can be tricky but our handbook breaks it down so it’s easy to understand. No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll be able to help you write, find and curate content to keep your current followers interested while gathering lots of new ones!

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. It feels like no matter how much you plan you just can’t fit everything in and maybe you’re reluctant to use social media as it will take up too much time. We explain how you can manage all of your social media pages every day without it taking a lifetime! You can even use tools to measure your social media experience which tracks follower growth, engagement and much more.

If you feel like social media is a tangled web of confusion and would like some help and advice on how to use it then please download our handbook. It was designed to be simple and easy to read yet informative.

You can download our full Social Media guide using the link below. Happy reading!

Download Full PDF Guide